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SHINYA's store is located on Nawate Street in the north side of Gion, Kyoto, and we introduce and sell 20th century Japanese art and design works.
We handle a wide range of works by famous deceased writers from the Meiji period onward to living artists, and we supply them to museums, collectors, and art dealers both in Japan and overseas.
In recent years, 20th century Japanese art has been held in a variety of exhibitions overseas, and has been highly evaluated compared to its domestic counterpart.
I started this site with the idea of ​​introducing works in an affordable price range so that you can feel closer to Japanese art.
We hope this will be a place for you to discover your new favorite works.

SHINYA is located on Nawate Street, north of Gion, Kyoto, and introduces and sells Japanese art and design works of the 20th century.
The store deals with a wide range of art works by famous deceased and living artists from the Meiji era onwards, and delivers them to museums, collectors and art dealers in Japan and abroad.
In recent years, Japanese art of the 20th century has been highly evaluated in abroad comparing with Japan, therefore various exhibitions being held abroad.
We start this website to introduce art works in affordable price ranges to make Japanese art more accessible to you.
We hope that this website will be a place where you meet your new favorite art works.